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28: David Taylor-Klaus - Evaluating your mindset: Change your perspective. Change your life.

January 31, 2022

Today we are talking about Mindset. Mindset is the lens through which you perceive the world. As the saying goes, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 


If you think about it, this can be liberating because it gives you control. If you don’t like a situation or circumstance, a simple mindset shift can completely transform the way your life unfolds. But how do we change our thoughts when they seem to happen automatically and be beyond our control? 


David Taylor-Klaus is a mindset expert and coach helping leaders change the way they view success. His mission: To reintroduce successful business people to their families and the world outside the office. He does this by helping them get their mind right. 


Prior to establishing DTK Coaching, David was CEO of an internet strategy and web development firm that he co-founded in 1995. As a strategist, he worked with C-level executives, senior management teams, and boards of directors to broaden their perspective and develop initiatives for business growth.


It was during this time, that David realized his success came from being reactive rather than proactive. He wasn’t participating consciously as a husband, father, business partner, or entrepreneur, and as David headed toward rock-bottom, he had a significant wake-up call that ultimately resulted in DTK Coaching. 


During this interview David addresses the significance of the stories we tell ourselves and how those stories impact our actions and ultimately our results. “The lens through which we see the world colors and changes the way we experience things.”


How do we change our mindset to get the results we want? 


Let’s find out with our good friend David Taylor-Klaus. 


In this episode DTK tackles topics such as:

  • You don’t have to wait to hit rock bottom before you choose to look at things and do things differently. 
  • Would you let others speak to you the way that you speak to yourself? Pay attention to your internal dialogue.
  • Be it until you are it. Take on the identity of who you want to be, your behaviors will change, and your results will last. 
  • The significant difference between choosing and deciding. 


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